Integrate integrative care into your practice
Free Webinar with Dr. Shawn Tassone, MD

iStock_000057428106_Large.jpgYour patients are asking for advice on diet, lifestyle changes and dietary supplements. If you don’t have an answer, they are going elsewhere, probably to Dr. Google or worse. How can you seamlessly and confidently integrate integrative care in your practice and not turn your world inside out in the process? Dr. Shawn Tassone shares how he transitioned from a dyed in the wool, steely allopathic obstetrician gynecologist to an integrative specialist in women’s health, foundational wellness and mind-body medicine — who still sees 35 patients a day, delivers babies, performs surgery, and takes co-pay insurance (even from Medicaid patients)

 Shawn_Tassone2500x_250.pngShawn Tassone, MD PhD(c) is a double boarded physician in Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Board of Integrative Medicine.  He is a practicing OBGYN, author, speaker, and patient advocate.  Dr. Tassone is the author of two books Spiritual Pregnancy: Develop, Nurture & Embrace the Journey to Motherhood(Llewellyn Publications, 2014) and Hands Off My Belly! The Pregnant Women’s Guide to Surviving, Myths, Mothers, and Moods(Prometheus, 2009).  He has written and published extensively on topics of spirituality in medical care and he is an advocate for whole foods to heal the human body.  

***This presentation is available only to healthcare professionals.***