Where will your patient’s menopause journey take her?

With all of the advancements we’ve made in medicine and culture, we still often talk about menopause like it’s a disease, something to be discussed in hushed tones, behind closed doors.

Sure, the symptoms — hot flashes and muscle discomfort — are real. And for some, they can seriously impact their quality of life. Yet many women view menopause as the start of the next phase of their journey, not just the end of a chapter that's closed.

So what if, instead of approaching menopause as an inevitable threshold to fear, clinicians and patients alike were encouraged to celebrate her change?

Equelle®,Clinically-Shown Menopause Support

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Features and benefits of Equelle:

  • Helps reduce frequency of hot flashes associated with menopause
  • Relieves muscle discomfort associated with menopause
  • Provides benefits in 4 weeks, with best results in 8-12 weeks1
  • Each tablet contains 5mg of S-equol. The suggested use of 1 tablet taken twice daily provides the standardized dose of 10mg of S-equol per day.
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Each bottle of Equelle contains 60 tablets (30-day supply)


“I’m delighted that clinicians now have the opportunity to recommend Equelle as a part of a total approach in the management of menopause.”

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  1. A Natural S-equol Supplement Alleviates Hot Flushes and Other Menopausal Symptoms in Equol Non-Producing Postmenopausal Japanese Women. Aso, et al. J Women’s Health (2012).